Monday, November 18, 2013

Time: Slow Down!

Holy cow! How is it already the middle of November? I feel like just last week was June! It seems like the time passes SOOO slowly when you're a kid, but when you're grown it goes way too fast. I, mean, seriously - my baby is due any time now and I've barely even come to terms that I'm going to be a mommy again! And I still have Halloween decorations out (not put up, but not put away either), but I saw a sign that said "39 more days until Christmas!" over the weekend. Not to mention the Salvation Army Bell Ringers made their appearance at the store doors Saturday.

Kind of subject here, but while I was in town this weekend I looked at birthday cards (today is one of my brother's birthday), and I was astounded at the price! $3 to $8 for a card that says "Happy Birthday" with something sentimental or funny on the inside that somebody else wrote. Outrageous! [All I could think was "Apparently, I'm in the wrong industry. I'll make my own and sell them for half that price! Still get rich."] Usually, we go to the Dollar Tree and buy their $1 ones or even the 2/$1 cards and save one for somebody else. But, there isn't anything actually personal about any of those either. So, I had The Diva make one! It's so much cuter, sweeter, and is more likely to end up on the fridge than in the trash.
Speaking of The Diva,  she decided on Friday that she wanted cookie cake for dessert after dinner. So, below are two pictures of her adorable little self helping mix ingredients.

Spoiled rotten, isn't she?  I made the apron she's wearing in the second picture for her before we moved and that was her first time wearing it. She was so excited! I would share the cookie cake recipe with y'all, but I was not impressed. I need somebody from Walmart to spill the beans on how they make theirs! *Hint, hint*  It's my favorite kind of cake and I even get one every year for my birthday! Yum yum!

Oh! The husband brought home a new... dog! Yep, we now have two dogs, two gerbils, and (soon to be) two kids. Apparently everything comes in pairs around here! He was in need of a new home because his owner had to get rid of him before he moved (no dogs allowed). My Husband works with the guy and couldn't say no when asked to take him. Aw - my big ole softie! So, here's a picture of our 2 boys after bath:

Hercules, 1 year

King, 9 months (And hard to get a picture of)

Hey, I set up a Facebook account for my Etsy shop this weekend! Check it out and please like it! I need 30 likes to be able to personalize it! 

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