Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Exciting Upcoming Posts...

Oh, man! I have some great ideas for the upcoming weeks, y'all! Mainly in preparation for Christmas, but I need to get this stuff done before the baby comes or I'll be running around like a chicken with my head cut off! And we don't want that.

Here are a few of my upcoming projects (not necessarily in order):
1.) DIY Lush Bath Bombs
2.) DIY Stocking Hanger
3.) DIY Puppy Dog Treats
4.) DIY Sugar Body Scrub
5.) DIY Tree Skirt

Like I said: mainly Christmas stuff. But, in all honesty, it's not that far away. I have a few other projects I'm working on that I hope to be able to throw in there, too.

Oh, and here is something else exciting: I will be doing a giveaway next month! Nothing super spectacular, but if you're like me and LOVE anything free, make sure to be watching out for it. Potential running dates are December 1st-15th, so that I can get it sent off before Christmas. I'm so excited!

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