Monday, November 11, 2013

Save Money: Foam Soap

Over the weekend we ran out of our beloved foam hand soap. Usually, I have a spare in the cabinet, but I decided to quit paying the almost $6.00 for one bottle to last a few weeks. Sorry, but I'm too broke for that. Not to mention my skin is too sensitive for other soaps; trust me, I've tried Softsoap, Dove, and so many others. 

Anyway, a super simple way I learned I can still have foaming Bath & Body Works soap without paying a bunch of money every time?  Pay it one time! Well, it's $11.50 a few times a year, but that's still a better price than $5.50 one to two times a month. AND if I were to hit one of the big sales or but out-of-season soaps? My head just exploded with the amount of money I would save! 

Here's the secret:
You need an empty foam soap dispenser and your favorite smelling body wash (or shower gel).

1.) Pour some body soap into the empty container, until it's about 1/5 full. 

2.) Add water to the foam container, until it's about 3/4 full (otherwise, you'll have some spill over the top when you put the lid on). 

3.) Shake up the soap/water mixture until the soap is well dispersed.  

4.)Throw away (or put away, if you didn't use all of it) your bottle of body wash. Aw, I HATE when I use all of my BBW up. 

5.) Display your soap for all to see/use/smell!
The best part is that you can change it up every time you get tired of using the same sent - without paying a fortune! I really want to try buying a milder scent next time and using essential oils for scents. Then, I could really switch it up season! Mmm... peppermint in a couple weeks for Christmas! Also, I'd like to get the trial sizes when they are on sale. Bet those puppies would work like magic!

Wanna know another secret? You can use this for any kind of soap. Not just hand soap. I also use this method in the kitchen for dish soap while washing dishes! Anybody have any tips or tricks they used to help save money when it comes to soap? I'd love to hear them!

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