Monday, November 4, 2013

DIY Onesie Name Banner for Baby Shower

The onesie name banner turned out absolutely perfect. It was the most time consuming, but definitely worth it. I just wish I had taken better pictures of it. Learned my lesson there. 

Materials Needed:
- Cardstock
- Pencil
- Scissors
- Scrapbook paper or paper with prints
- Yarn or string 
- Hole punch
- Glue/Spray Adhesive 
-Tissue paper - if using white cardstock
- Animals or matching decorations for the plain onesies (optional)
- Copier - optional

I began by making my onesie template, cutting it out, and then tracing it onto my other cardstock papers. I knew I needed 6 for just his name, and I wanted another 6 for the extras on the sides. So... I cheated and made copies instead of drawing the onesie on each paper.  [Hey, at least I'm honest about my laziness! ]

Next, I sprayed a onesie with spray adhesive and I laid a pre-cut piece of blue tissue paper on top of it. I like the wrinkled look, so I didn't even try to get rid of them. However, I can almost guarantee that using glue instead of spray adhesive would work better if you want a smooth look. Or, just use colored cardstock. I had only plain white and saw no reason to spend money on colored kind. 

Trim them up and make them nice and pretty. 

I cheated on these a little bit, too. Scrapbook paper is extremely expensive, and the last thing I wanted to do was use all of my green leopard and zebra for this project. So, I ran a copy of the paper on plain white printer paper. Then, I drew my letters on the paper and was excited to find out I could do two letters per sheet.
Note: I did every other letter the same print. 

Cut and paste your letters. I didn't worry too much about my letters being perfect, since thebanner would be hanging up and nobody was judging it. However, if you're a perfectionist, have fun! 

Punch your holes and put your hanging string through (starting with the plain ones). I recommend putting a piece of tape on the back of each onesie, so that they don't all slide to the middle when you put it up.

Then, you can be done or glue decorations onto the plain onesies like I did to match the theme (copied off onto cardstock and cut out, of course).

Again, sorry for the cruddy photos and backgrounds, but you gotta use what you can when everything's at the new place, right? 

That's the last of my baby shower projects. We'll soon get to start on something new! Just have to choose what...

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