Friday, November 1, 2013

DIY Cupcake Picks

Thesevcupcake picks were definitely the easiest decorations I made for the baby shower.

Materials Needed:
-Topping design/characters
-Copier/Cardstock or lots of the chosen design/characters
-Hot Glue/Gun

I bought a Safari themed baby shower hanging decoration set from Hobby Lobby for $1.99.
Hobby Lobby, also, had cupcake picks, but it was 24/$1.99 and I needed 30. I already had the larger hanging decorations to use for the walls, so I figured I may as well use them for the picks so it all correlates. I stuck the animals in my copy machine, set the sizing to "Custom" -> "35%" and printed (AND saved money). I was able to get (with quite a bit of work/placing) all on one page. You can see that there is a HUGE difference in sizing compared to the original!

I cut out all 35 of my animals (I did a few extra, just in case).

One-by-one, I just added a small glob of hot glue and then a toothpick. Make sure to let the glue dry all the way, or else you'll have a big mess.

All done! I did half on green toothpicks and half on blue. They turned out pretty well. Not the cutest part of the baby shower, but nobody really pays a whole lot of attention to what's on top of the dessert anyway - it's just a tiny obstacle that must be removed to get to the yummy part. At least they matched the other decorations, though!

I probably won't do another post until Monday. Have a great weekend!

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