Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Why I Hate The News

I hate to read or watch the news. We live in a very small town in a relatively small area known as "The Tri-States." So, I try to not think of this area being "bad" or "dangerous" but lately bad things are all I hear about. I'm not saying that nothing good ever happens in this area, but I'm not entirely sure when the last time a "good" thing made the front page in print or online. That could be because I rarely watch the news channel or pick up the  newspaper any more. However, I bet it has more to do with the fact that we are shining spotlights on the negative occurrences around us, allowing the positive ones to fall behind stage in small articles in the backs of papers and small prints online. Which, if I might add, is pathetic of us as a nation. I know it isn't just my small community, either - it's happening all over the country. I just don't understand why.

My Thoughts on Recent Headlines:
I'm very sad to hear about the school shootings, I truly am. But let's quit making the MURDERER the headlines and worry about those who lost their lives. In interviews, reporters ask about the person who went off the deep end, not those who were taken with him/her. They will already always be remembered because of their decisions and actions, but let's not allow their name to be the only one remembered from these horrible events.
And about Justin Bieber?!?! C'mon people! He's a teenager that's going to make stupid decisions. Why do we think that making him the center of attention is a good consequence? It's seriously not! Let him get real consequences instead of a publicized slap on the wrist and forcing him to make some BS apology he doesn't even mean. He's lucky he's not my child - famous or not there would be serious punishment. But maybe that's because I lost somebody very close to me from a drunk driver's recklessness.
"14 Arrested On Drug Related Charges" is a local headline. The entire article talks about each  individual and priors and trying to run from the police and blah blah blah. Where are the officer interviews? Where are the congratulations' and pats on the backs or stories of how they uncovered it all? Why give glory to those who don't deserve it?

I had somewhere I was going with all of this when I started the post, but that direction is long gone due to rambling thoughts. So, I'll leave with this:
Let us focus on the good deeds and positive events in our communities for once. Let us not ignore the bad, but not spotlight it, either. Heck - give criminals a section of their own titled "People Who Don't Make Their Mamas Proud" or "Reasons to Raise Your Children the Right Way." Make it embarrassing to be in that section, not faming to be front and center for putting a gun in a young mother's face to steal the money she selflessly earned for her family. The reporters of America are pretty much accomplices at this point, and are turning to no more than scum to me. Therefore, I have no interest in watching the news channel or wasting my money on a paper any time soon.

Anybody else have any thoughts on this? Agree? Disagree? Both? Let me know!

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