Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Trying to Clean With The Diva

Finally, school is back in session! We had a small blizzard and so school has been canceled for the last week, which just happened to be directly after Christmas break. I love my daughter to death, but I am so glad to have her out of the house for a few hours and have it basically to myself. Do you have any idea how cleaning with a 5 year old under foot goes? Yeah... It doesn't. Everything took at the least 3 times as long as it normally does, and you couldn't even tell I had done anything within 2 hours. This morning I did all of the dishes, cleaned my stove, set out dinner, AND wiped down all of my counters - it took me about thirty minutes total. And 5 hours later it's still clean. Now, I just need the motivation to clean the rest of my house.

Surely, I can't be the only parent ever happy just to see their child go to school? I miss her right now, but it's nice to not have The Diva here talking my ear off about a million things per second and going through all of the things I just put away. I thought so many things would change from when she was a nosey two year old to now. Hahaha! The only thing that's really changed is the amount of things she can reach now. She still tries to " help clean" and ends up making a bigger mess for me. She still asks a hundred questions. She still follows behind me and goes through or takes out the stuff I put away. She's still easily distracted. She still can't sit still long enough to watch a whole movie so I can clean in 'peace'.

However, she's also still my baby girl and one of the loves of my life. She'll only be 5 for a little while longer. One day I'll wake up and she'll be graduating high school. Or getting married. Or have moved far away to chase her dreams. So, for now, I'll enjoy her messing up the house and annoying me to death on some days. She has to learn new things somehow, right? I only have a certain amount of unknown time with her, so I may as well make the most of it.

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