Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Breast Milk Storage System

This post should really go as a Thief Thursday post, but I'm really not sure who originally came up with it and the person I got the idea from doesn't blog. But, I'm just letting everybody know that I didn't come up with this personally, I just love the ease of use and wanted to share.

So, one of the reasons I was so excited to breast feed was because of this breast milk bag storage idea I saw at my sister-in-laws house. Don't get me wrong-there were no doubts in my mind that I would (try to) breastfeed Little Man, but the storage system just gave me an extra reason to look forward to doing it. Besides, it's so simple and - one of my favorite words ever - CHEAP! How could I possibly say no? I couldn't!


Materials needed:
-gift bag the size of your storage bags laying down (use a thick one so it'll last longer!)
-tape (just in case)

Cut along the dotted lines on your own gift bag (mine was left over from The Divas birthday party last year). I cut mine and then it ripped a little, so I had to tape the sides. Done. So easy, right?!?! Just pull the bottom bag out through the hole! I spent $0.00 on this project.

It allows you to keep all of your bags in one place, freezes them flat, takes up very little space, and you can put them in order by date so the oldest is used first by being pulled from the bottom. Genius. My SIL had several of these bags full on her deep freeze. I can only hope to grow my stash that big!

(Here's how cheap I am - I rewash and rinse/sanitize the bags when I'm done with them so they can be reused. I put a red dot in the left corner so I know it's on the second time through; after the second time I toss them, though. But... $12 for 25 bags is CRAZAY!)

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