Monday, October 28, 2013

Moving Mishaps

Spent all day moving boxes and unpacking. My doctor would probably jump my butt if she saw what I was doing. BUT, in my defense, we have to be moved in by the 1st of November, which is this Friday. Not a whole lot of time. And, of course, The Husband would have four graves within a fifty mile radius to do by Tuesday/Wednesday. Not a good week due to moving, but we'll need the money after paying our deposit and getting everything put in our name. Ugh. Moving is a lot of work. Especially when you only had 2 weeks notice. At least we'll finally have a bigger place.

Anyway, we had two mishaps occur during moving stuff downstairs yesterday.

The first is this:

The Husband leaned on the wall by the basement door going outside, and the drywall caved in. Woops! Guess we know what he'll be taking care of ASAP.

And here's the second:

Yes, that IS a snake skin inside of the house. Hanging from the rafters in MY sewing/crafting room! Gross. I just hope the snake is long gone by the time we move in. I hate snakes. Only because they are so quiet and sneak up on you.

Worse part? The Husband hates them more. So, I'm SOL if I find the thing in my stuff and want help getting rid of it. Somebody please pray for us.

With the move, I don't have time to work on anything majorly fun. But, I did just do decorations for a friend's baby shower and will show you how I made them.

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