Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cheap DIY Closet Doubler AKA Clothes Rod

So, today's post is a very interesting looking contraption that is very handy and actually works quite well. While doing updates to the place we are currently staying at, I decided I wanted to add shelves to our tiny closet to make more room for our things and for the baby's stuff. Four issues:
1.) The amount of clothes we had hanging in our closet made it impossible to add shelves without the clothes being in the way.
2.) I didn't have any way to hang the clothes anywhere else.
3.) I didn't have the money to spend $20 for two closet doublers (one for my side, one for his).
4.) Most closet doublers are too long to effectively still allow enough room for my shelves.

For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, here's a picture of a closet doubler:

Could come in pretty handy, right? Like I said, I didn't want to spend the money and came up with my own version for real cheap. It looks real funky, but nobody looks in your closet except for you. So, it doesn't really matter, right? That's how I look at it. I seriously thought about taking a before picture, but was  too embarrassed by how cluttered and disorganized my closet was.  

Materials needed:
-Hot glue gun/glue
-Ribbon or yarn or strong string (2 pieces per clothes rod)
-Dowels, rods, or even strong sticks

I already had all of these items, so I didn't have to spend any money.  First thing is to measure how far down you want your clothes rod to be. Then, double that and add 6 inches. Cut your pieces of ribbon to this length.

Put a glob of hot glue on your rod. Then, wrap the middle of your ribbon around the end of the rod three times. Then put a dab more glue on and wrap the ribbon around one more time to help keep it in place.  

Should look something like this when you're done. 

Then, you get to tie it up. I went around my original rod two times before doing a double tie on it. 

And, finally, you get to hang clothes on it! Super simple and super cheap, right? That's why I love it. I got about one week of usage out of it before we started packing. And I didn't even get all of my shelves up! So, no full "After" picture. Grrr.... This is as good as it gets:

Sorry, we were in the middle of packing when I realized I hadn't got a picture. You can see where the other shelves were and how much room my clothes rods gave me! 

I will most likely do a new post at the beginning of the week, depending on how unpacking and setting up goes. Can't wait to share pictures of the new place! 

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