Monday, October 21, 2013

Clean Pillows

Good morning, world! I hope everybody's day is going well. Mine is, but I just woke up. I got a much needed 10 hours of sleep last night. Can't remember the last time that happened. Not to mention that The Husband surprised me with some Yoohoo and I'm eating Lucky Charms. You just can't beat a morning like this, I tell you what.

With packing and moving, I've been trying to ensure everything is clean beforehand so I don't have to clean it while I'm trying to set up the new house. Some things I noticed I've never cleaned that were really disgusting looking? My pillows. I wash my pillowcases at least once a month, but I've never paid attention to the pillows themselves.

8 months of not washing our pillows looks pretty gross doesn't it? I searched online, but only found  instructions that contain bleach, which I really didn't want to do.

This is what I did do, though:
1.) Put two pillows in my washing machine, on their sides, so that it would keep the balance (I have a top loader not a front loader).
2.) Poured in a capfull of our liquid laundry detergent and sprinkled  approximately 1/4 cup of borax on the pillows.
3.) Turned the water temperature to the hottest it would go and turned my washer on.
4.) During the rise cycle, I added a few tablespoons of white vinegar to help sanitize the pillows.
5.) Ran an extra rinse cycle to get rid of the vinegar smell.
6.) Popped my pillows in the dryer (with my wool dryer balls I made here).

Really made a difference, didn't it? It's kind of hard to see just how much of a difference washing them actually made, but I didn't want to edit the picture any. You can tell there's no more yellow or sweat spots, though.  I'm definitely going to start washing my pillows every 4-6 months to try to ensure they never look that gross again.

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