Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Baby Shower Centerpiece, Safari Theme

Last weekend was my best friend's baby shower, and her sister and I are putting it on for her. Since I like to not spend money wherever possible, I decided to make decorations using items I already had at home or could get really cheap (God bless the Dollar Tree!).
The theme is Safari, which is so adorable to me. I have several other things I'm working on for her baby shower that I'll be showing off over the next couple of days.

Materials needed:
-3 washcloths, 2 green and 1 tan
-6 diapers
-Toilet paper roll
-Rubber band
-Cardboard (optional)
-Monkey or other embellishments (optional)

I was actually able make this centerpiece for $1.07
-I have an obsession for washcloths, so I just took three out of my stash for Little Man (never used)
-I already had the diapers, which we won't miss too much since we'll cloth diaper 95% of the time.
-The monkey was from decorations for The Little Man's wall in our room I'm the new place, but I have 7 others.
-The ribbon I had to buy. With tax at the Dollar Tree I spent $1.07. And I'll use the rest of the spool on other baby shower things (coming the next few days).
I did pretty good money wise, didn't I? I'm so proud of myself!

This centerpiece is pretty self-explanatory, so I'm going to try doing mainly pictures and simple captions.

Cut your roll in half length wise. 
Roll and tape.
Tape together.
Roll in the tan washcloth. 
Place cardboard piece inside of green washcloth (do this 2x's). Then roll (not pictured).
Tape together, creating palm tree.
Roll 6 diapers and tape.
Rubber band the diapers together. Stick palm tree in middle diaper.
Tape ribbon to hide the rubber band. Add optional embellishments.
Pretty stinkin' cute, isn't he? He was a big hit, too. Sorry for the crappy pictures. And the trashy looking background. I had to create this guy in the living room, which has terrible lighting. And I had things strewn all over the living room so we could get everything out of the kitchen. Oh, well. I'm sure y'all understand. 

Tomorrow is a ribbon corsage. It was my favorite and, after we get settled in better, I'm going to make custom ones and sell them in my Etsy shop

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