Wednesday, August 21, 2013

10 Places to Bargain Shop, #8

Day eight. Today is another personal favorite among The Husband and I:

8.) Thrift Stores: Almost every town - big or small - has one of these. Even our small town with a population of under 300 has one. It's not a huge one, but it's big enough to walk into (the building was a small ice-cream shop in the 1950's, if that tells you anything). However,the larger towns around here have big-time thrift stores, which get a bit of business from me and the rest of my family.

The Husband is a little opposed to buying things used by people he doesn't know, but is usually okay after I remind him three things:
1. The amazing concept of washing and sanitizing.
2. The fact that we can buy a new part if it's just one thing he's worried about.
3. The price we would pay if we had to buy the item brand new.

Ah, yes, the power of persuasion. I consider it one of my super powers, personally. My mother would swear I get it from her, which is probably true.

Anyway, when most people think of thrift stores, they think of raggedy clothes, stinky pairs of shoes, mismatched plates, and "old" or "poor" people in a stuffy shop. Why? Because that's the way they are portrayed in movies. I'm not sure why, though. I've never been in one similar to that description. Besides, thrift stores sell a LOT more than just clothes and dishes. Here are some of my favorite thrift stores finds:
-Breast Pump: bottles and shields were still in plastic, had a home and car outlet plug-ins, even had the manual (which proved to be handy when I got home and made sure it worked)-$5.00
-Little Tykes Art Easel: had a chalk board on one side and a dry erease board on the other - $5.00
-Mini Trampoline: $10.00
-VHS/DVD Movies: $1.00 each
-Rolls of Tulle: $0.50 each
-Lots of Wedding Decor Items: $0.50-$3.00 each

Again, I could go on and on about the deals of thrift stores, but I won't. You're welcome. Thanks for reading today's post - look forward to day nine tomorrow!

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