Thursday, August 1, 2013

10 Places to Bargain Shop, #4

Welcome to day four of my ten places to shop to help you save money. Today is another online place. I don't use this one as often as I should, but there are always great things at great prices here.

4.) Craigslist - We live in a Tri-State area, which is awesome when it comes to Craigslist because we get to look through THREE different regional pages. Hooray! Here's a few great things about this site:

-Free: Yes, they have a "Free" page under the "For Sale" category. I've seen changing tables, cribs, beds, clothes, appliances, couches, tables, and animals go under this page. You have to check often, though, because a lot of the posts will say something like "will be on the curb for two days, then I'm throwing it out." If possible, message the poster to see if they still have the item available before wasting your gas.

-Arts & Crafts: This page is geared more towards scrapbookers and artists than anything.  However, you can usually find sewing machines for great prices on here. Currently there is a New In Box (NIB) fabric cutter for $75.00 and a NIB Cricut Diecut machine for $100.00 posted on one of our local pages. Both are great deals considering what you'd pay in-store.

-Baby/Kids: As an expecting mother and mother to a 5 year old who is trying to save as much money as possible, I follow this page quite a bit. I recently bought a "Baby Boy Clothing Lot" (20+ outfits) for only $7.00. Can't beat that! I will admit that finding clothes for The Diva is getting harder the older she gets. But, there's also a "Clothing & Accessories" page I have some success with for her on occasion.

Of course, there are many other categories and pages to look through.  Also, if you want something specific, you can search for it or post an ad under the "Wanted" page.
Note: Beware of scams! Craigslist has tips to help you avoid them. You'll find them more in the "Services" category than the ones I listed, but it's always better to be safe than sorry. 

Thanks for reading today's post;  look forward to the fifth place tomorrow!

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