Monday, August 19, 2013

10 Places to Bargain Shop, #6

Good afternoon!  Welcome to day six of our list of ten places to bargain shop. We are finally on the down-hill slope!  Thanks to everybody who has stuck with me this long; I promise it will be worth it once you start saving money when you shop.

6.) Online - A super easy way to bargain shop is to shop online. No, not just any site will help save you money. Sometimes, you have to really do some searching to find the best deals. Here are three of my most visited online places:

 -Nature's Fabrics: When making baby items, especially things that are in direct contact with sensitive skin, I try to use organic  fabric as much as possible. This site is cheaper than the others I have found and are of amazing quality. The owner usually has sales goingon, which you can find by signing up for emails and by following the site's Facebook page. Also, there are multiple options of payment, including: sending checks, PayPal, and credit cards.

-Facebook: Again, living in a tri-state area really has its perks. I currently follow eight Facebook pages/groups that other local people sell personal items on for CHEAP! In the last few weeks, I have bought
-a like-new white changing table for $10.00
-a bag of baby clothes (I think there were close to thirty pieces total) for $10.00 - some still had tags
-like-new Playtex Ventaire bottles (15 of them) for $7.00 - we decided on these bottles a few weeks ago and have been trying to buy them little by little because the best come at a big price)
Of course, there are many, many other items that go up for sale every hour. I just buy things we need so I save money in the long run and don't waste money on "junk" as my husband calls it.

-eBay: Who doesn't love eBay? They have just about everything on there for good prices. I don't buy from here too often, but I get the majority of my non-fabric sewing supplies here because it's cheaper than buying in-store. I do do a lot of my Christmas shopping on eBay for my husband, though, because he's the type of guy that will buy things for himself from the local stores. Quite annoying, if you ask me.

Well, that's all for today. Look forward to day seven tomorrow!

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