Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Baby Gender Announcement

We got to find out the sex of our precious baby yesterday. Since we wanted to announce in a cute, yet not over-the-top kind of way, I made two signs:one that said "IT'S A GIRL" and one that said "IT'S A BOY". In this post, I'll just go over how I made the signs and then I'll show how we announced.

Materials needed:
-Cardstock or poster board cut into 8"X10" (that way it can be framed for the nursery)
-Crayons and Markers

I started off by penciling the places where I would be writing. I left a border along the edges and gave myself a line that each letter had to reach, so they would all be even.

Then, I penciled in my letters. If you look closely, you can see where I wrote a normal letter and then went around it to make a bubble letter, which I am terrible at drawing. After that, I erased my original pencil lines to give me a better idea of what the signs would look like.
Note: I left the "O" in "BOY" empty so that I could cut it out and add the sonogram picture. Same with the box after "GIRL".

Next, I outlined each letter with a black crayon.I chose crayon so that when I colored the letters with marker later, the marker wouldn't bleed all over the paper. I went ahead and cut out my framed areas. Make sure to just stick the scissors through the middle and cut; that way your announcement sign won't be bent.

Here are the finished signs. We are having a boy!  I used two crayons to make the background have a gradient, or ombre, effect to them. I used markers to color in my letters and used one of the crayons to give each letter a shadowed look by coloring in areas on top of the marker. You don't have to, I just felt like it helped them pop more.

Thanks for reading; look forward to a new post Monday!

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