Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thief Thursday: Dryer Wool Balls

Starting this week, I will begin doing posts called Thief Thursday every other week, which is just when I steal (and credit) projects from other blogs and try to do them myself. Some work out, some don't. You guys get to see both.

Today's post is DIY Wool Dryer Balls, which I got from here. I've wanted to make our house some of these for a while now, but never really got around to it. Well, while going through my Pinterest boards the other day, I found a pin for them. Upon further investigation, I realized how easy they would be to make! And guess what just happened to be on sale at Hobby Lobby the other day? Yarn!

Materials Needed:
-100% Wool Yarn
-An old pair of pantyhose, thigh highs, etc.

I started off by wrapping the yarn around my fingers 15-20 times:

Next, I slid it off my fingers and wrapped my yarn around the middle a few times:

Then, I continued to go around until I formed a ball the size I was happy with, cut the yarn, and tucked in the end:

Then, I tied them in an old pair of thigh highs I had:

Last, I dropped them in my washer on my hottest setting and then dried them on my hottest setting, too. This causes them to felt, which is what everybody keeps telling me I want. To happen.

These are 3 of my 7 finished balls:

And, let me say, they DO work like a charm. Last night, I used them to fluff up some pillows and then to quicken the drying process of a load of towels. It didn't save a ton of time, but in the end, every ten minutes saved is more money in our pockets.

P.S.- Make sure to wrap the balls tightly, or you will end up with a 20 minute mess that looks like this:

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