Friday, September 27, 2013

Promise I Didn't Forget About Y'all

I had full intentions of doing another Thief Thursday post this week, but myunborn baby boy had other plans. Wednesday I went into preterm labor. I am only 29 weeks and they can't seem to stop the contractions, so I've been in the hospital since. Good news is that my cervix has not dilated past a one, so I may get to go home today. Yay!

It's driving me crazy to be in here! I don't have any of my notebooks or craft stuff with me to work on, so I'm stuck watching tv. MTV to be exact, and I'm not that impressed. So far, Ridiculousness has been the best thing on - I do love that show! Hopefully (*fingers crossed*) I get to go home today. As long as I haven't dilated any more, I should be able to. Then, I get to be on bed rest for who knows how long, I get to have my contractions at home, and I get to drive 45 minutes to my doctor 1-2 times a week. BUT, at least I'll still have my baby in my tummy so that he can grow more before making his appearance. As long as he's healthy, I'm happy. ♥

Thanks for reading, I'll give an update later on how things are going and how I'm doing. I'll (hopefully) be able to get a new project post up in the next few days. If I'm on bed rest, at least I'll be able to have lots of time to do some crafty work!

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