Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Sale at Jo-Ann's?!

Hello! Long time, no talk. I've officially updated the look of my blog and gotten quite a few other things done, as well. Yay!

Anyway, I have the Jo-Ann Fabric application on my smart phone so I can make sure to never miss a sale or a coupon. Yesterday, I was very glad I had that app. Why? Because I bought a ton of fabric for a very low price. Here's some pictures with what I plan to use the fabric for:

All Snuggle Flannel was 50% off. I'll use these four for Little Man's cloth diapers.

These were part of the same sale. I'll use these cute chevron prints for bibs and baby blocks.

These were 40% off. I'll use these for bibs for my soon coming niece.

These were 40%, 40%, and 30% off. I'll use these for a super cute Halloween outfit for The Diva.

The Special Occasion fabric on the left was 30% off and the sheer tulle on the right was regular price. These will be used for The Diva's Halloween costume.

All thread was 40% off. I'll use the white for everyday stuff, and the orange for my Halloween projects.

This is my receipt. With tax, I paid $27.25 for all of these. Amazing, right?  It wouldn't have been as much off, but I was able to use a "15% Off Your Total Purchase" coupon. Score!

My total savings were $27.58, which means I saved more than I spent. How can you NOT love Jo-Ann's? Plus, I earned a 25% off coupon for this week/weekend, which just happens to be pay week. Are the Heavens looking down on me, or what?!

I, also, bought these adorable buttons! I used a 40% off coupon, which saved me a whole $0.92.

Hey, it's not a whole lot, but that's almost a dollar that I saved (and later spent on a sweet tea at McDonald's).

(The first time I get to use my new signature. How exciting! Ah... The little things in life.)

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