Saturday, April 12, 2014

This Is What Happens When You Trespass

I've been super busy with orders lately - like, at-least-one-order-put-in-every-single-day-for-three-weeks-straight kind of busy. I know, I know. It's not a whole lot. BUT, when I have set hours I work, I don't do weekends, I have a baby and a husband and a dog that seem to constantly fight for my attention during my 'work hours', and I have to include in my shopping time. For business purposes only, of course. And, everything that I experiment on. He-he.

Yeah, as I'm typing this my phone goes "Cha-Ching!" This awesome sound lets me know when I get a new order in. Perfect timing, person wanting to buy 5 Handmade, All Natural Oatmeal Bath Melts. Hey! I love those things.

Anyway... My poor me point is that I've been busy and am up to my neck in doing things for other people and haven't had any me-moments in a while. So, I went out in the pasture behind our house to go exploring. Stupid me, I forgot my camera and run - uphill, I might add - back to the house to get it. Yay me for being so out of shape my husband thought I was dying. 

I'm glad I did, because I jumped - if you can even call it that - over a fence to some property that definitely is not ours and found the frame of an old Chevrolet - along with some other things. Station Wagon, I would assume. I'm not old enough to really remember those death-traps. (That one was for you, mom. The person who loved laying down in the very back and never thought about what would happen if your dad wrecked.) So, I got some pretty cool shots. Wanna see? Yeah... I kinda thought so. =]

Ahh... Photography is so much fun! I can't wait to go back and take some more photos of the other things around there. Besides, it's not exactly trespassing, because I just happened to be related to the owners of the property and I don't think they will turn me in - right, Grandma? *Fingers crossed*

I'm going to post a new book review later this week, just because the trilogy I just read is freaking amazing. So... Look forward to that, nerds.

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