Wednesday, October 30, 2013

DIY Baby Shower Corsage

Like I said yesterday, today is the ribbon corsage - my favorite piece I made for the shower. Since I already had all of the ribbon (just a matter of going through my boxes to find coordinating colors), I didn't have to spend any money on this project. Yay! 

Materials Needed:
-Ribbon in coordinating colors
-Hot Glue/Gun
-Cardboard Circle (I used one side of a ribbon spool)
-Something to stop fraying ends
-Safety Pin

Here's a picture of all of my ribbon and my cardboard circle. The smaller pieces of ribbon are 4" and the longer pieces (on the bottom left) are 6". I, actually, did not use all of 
the ribbon I cut, but better safe than sorry. 

Fold the smaller pieces of ribbon almost all of the way in half, leaving just enough room to put hot glue on both ends. Then, place on your cardboard circle. Sorry, I don't have a pifture of that step, but you can tell what I mean from the next picture.

After you glue down the smaller pieces of ribbon, you get to start on your larger pieces. I used a wood burning tool to cut my ends so they wouldn't fray, but you can carefully use scissors and a lighter. 

Simply glue down your longer pieces of ribbon in the order you want them in.

Lastly, glue down your safety pin.

Oops! And glue on any embellishments.

Personally, I think it's adorable! Down south, we had corsages for just about everything. And I mean big, gaudy corsages! Up here, nada. So weird! 


  1. How many different colored ribbons and actual ribbon pieces were used to make this?

  2. Hi Jessica,
    I used 15 or 16 different ribbon types (some were just the smaller versions of thick ribbon pieces) for this corsage, but in most of my others I use only 6-10. I used close to 40 pieces of ribbon for it because I wanted it to look really full. Hope that helps!

  3. Hi,

    We're did you find the zebra embellishment ?

    Thank you

  4. How can I order the stuff and where at

  5. How can I order the stuff and where at

  6. Would you be willing to sell this corsage?

  7. I made this DIY Baby Shower corsage!!! Adorable!!! I did with materials I had on hand, as I realized at 11:00pm at night I hadn't gotten my daughter a corsage for her baby shower the next morning. Perfect!!!