Friday, February 14, 2014

DIY Baby Bib

Baby bibs are so cute and handy. Know what else? They are also super easy to make. Like, super DUPER, done in only ten minutes easy. Ready? Me too!

Materials Needed:
-Bib for tracing, or a bib pattern (here's mine)
-Pencil for tracing if you use your own bib
-Absorbent fabric for top layer (I used a cotton print)
-Fabric for bottom layer (I used baby terry loop for extra absorbency... Babies drool a lot)
-Sewing machine or needle

Pin with right sides of fabric together, trace in pencil or wipe away marker (I used a washable just to show you where the lines were). I was going to make a round bib, but changed my mind and made a tear drop one instead, in case you were wondering about the double lines.
Trim around the fabric a little, to make it easier to get in your machine. 
Don't you love my nails? The Diva did them the other night! My other hand has yellow and orange!
Sew on your line using a straight stitch (mine was set on a 2½). Make sure to NOT sew the part between the lines - see below.
You need to leave this area unsewn for now, so that you can turn the bib inside out in a few minutes.
Trim around the edges, leaving about ⅛-¼inch of extra fabric. Press. Turn inside out. Press again.
Make sure to tuck in the "flaps" and then do a top stitch all the around, coming in at ⅛inch from the edges.
Add your buttons (or Velcro if you prefer) and you're done! Sew way, right? (Ah, I'm feeling punny today. My poor husband hates puns and I've come up with ten already this morning. Poor guy.)

Any questions? Ask em!

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